Leading Stockist of Alloy Steel Pipes, Fittings and Flanges

Forged Fittings

Stratstan is one of the world’s leading stockists of forged alloy steel Socket Weld, Screwed and Branch fittings.

SW & Screwed: 90° & 45° Elbows, Equal Tees, Reducing Tees, Full Couplings, Half Couplings, Reducing Couplings, Caps and Plugs.

Branch Fittings: Weldolets, Sockolets, Threadolets, Elbowlets and Nipolets.

Material Specifications Grades Size Range Dimensional Standard
ASTM/ASME A/SA 182 F11, F22, F5, F9, F91 ½” – 2” (3000 - 9000 lbs) ASME B16.11 & MSS SP-97
ASTM/ASME A/SA 350  LF3 ½” – 2” (3000 – 9000 lbs) ASME B16.11 & MSS SP-97